RITMO The Black Eyed Peas Ft J Balvin Remix

RITMO The Black Eyed Peas Ft J Balvin Remix

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Bad Bunny has released a new single and video for “Vete.” The video finds the star singing into an abyss as only he is illuminated by a ray of light. Of course, he steps into it and eventually finds himself performing next to a Lambourghini in front of sunlight and flames.

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It’s a welcome pivot from the status quo, which typically favors veteran chart toppers like Yankee and Balvin. Now that Sech has proven himself a worthy contender among Latin pop’s biggest hitmakers — he’s already dropped another earworm with Nicky Jam, “Atrévete” — it’s high time the rest of us caught up.

‘s Top 100 chart. The song clocked five million streams in the last week alone, and is currently the top Latin urban song on the Radiodifusión, according to Mediabase — knocking aside the stacked urbano hit “China,” Ozuna and Anuel’s joint venture with Daddy Yankee, J Balvin and Karol G.

When I was at school, I used to stay on a balcony singing and people would stand around listening."[9] He has stated that, when he was young, his mother wanted him to grow up to be an engineer, his father preferred that he be a baseball player, while a teacher told him that he would become a firefighter. Instead, he took courses in audiovisual communication at University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo.[10] Career

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”) Vencedor part of a new generation of Latin pop stars the 25-year-old is rapidly becoming urbano’s most wanted collaborator; between his striking feature in Maluma’s 11:11 to his standout work in Brytiago and here Rafa Pabon’s “La Mentira,” Sech’s soulful tenor makes a lasting impression.

El tema fue anunciado el 29 de mayo a través del Instagram de Bad Bunny mediante una story la cual presentaba el intro de la canción, para seguidamente subirlo al feed y díFigura después, borrarlo.

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